Lachlan Robert Anderson is a Canadian born filmmaker from Cobble Hill, British Columbia, and is a recent graduate from the BFA Film Production program at York University in Toronto, Ontario. Like his past work, he will be looking to continue exploring new information-heavy topics for his films. As well, Lachlan will gear his future towards editing films of all genres and styles.


Becoming a documentary director was not always his goal when beginning his career as a filmmaker. However, his goal was to learn and gain experience and after seeking what it takes to create a documentary, he found that not only do you get to expand your film-making knowledge but also expand your knowledge on a new topic as you explore all the information it has to offer.


To create a film on a topic, you have to become an expert on it. You have to know and understand it.


A part of Lachlan's success comes from strong working relationships with peers and understanding his and their abilities. Through his ten years of personal experience, he has developed connections with colleagues across every other department whom he remains working with and learning from to diversify his understanding of each aspect of film-making.

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